The Nature of Cities TNOC Summit will take place in Paris during 4-7 June 2019. Seed and skill sessions, paired dialogues, workshops and field trips are on the agenda of this international platform for transdisciplinary dialogue on urban solutions. The topics include inter-alia urban greening, ecosystem services provided by urban trees, smarter trees, green justice, participation and nature-based solutions.

TNOC Summit is all about sparking conversations for knowledge exchange and collaborative networking. It aims to build a movement for green cites where resilience, sustainability, health, livability, and environmental justice are addressed. As such, TNOC Summit provides an arena where different professionals like leaders, practitioners, policy makers and academics interact and work towards common grounds. 

If you are interested in getting involved in the latest discussions about solutions to urban challenges, make sure to stay tuned and register for the event!  

Early bird registrations open until 8 April 

Proposals for short talks and posters open until 15 April