Audience and themes

EFUF 2023 is open to all involved in or interested in urban forest management, policy, planning and decision-making. This year we focus on managers, practitioners, consultants and representatives from stakeholder groups (e.g. lobbyists, envNGOs (ENGO), volunteer groups, etc.).

The overall theme for EFUF 2023 is Urban Forests as Nature-based Solutions

More specifically, the 25th European Forum on Urban Forestry will explore these aspects.

Theme 1: Urban Forests and Urban Greening Plans

Exploring the challenges of planning for existing tree-based urban green space, and for planning new urban forests, including citizens’ views and perceptions, and maximising services provided by urban forests.

Theme 2: Urban Forests, Urban Trees and Water

Exploring the role that urban forests and urban trees can play in managing water in and around cities and towns (water buffering, reducing floods, limiting water pollution), including the impact of droughts on tree-based ecosystems.

Theme 3: Biotic Management aspects in Urban Forestry

Exploring impact of pests and diseases, and the role of adaptive management to limit these impacts.

The language of the forum is English.