Many people, many questions. We summarise some of the most frequent questions and give some answers.

  1. Can I register on Thursday or Friday morning? Yes, we provide registration facilities every morning.
  2. Should we re-register daily? No, once you received your conference pack and badge, you do not need to re-register.
  3. Do I need to print the confirmation of my registration? No, we will have checklists at the registration. But it is a good idea to check the choices you made regarding the excursions, social dinner etc.
  4. Do I have to print my poster myself? Yes, you have to do so.
  5. Where and when can I deliver my poster? You can deliver your poster to the registration desk when you register. Please bring your poster already on Wednesday 24 May to the registration. In case you only arrive on Thursday, you can deliver your poster on Thursday morning off course.
  6. Which aspect ratio do you recommend for presentations: 3:4 or 16:9? We have no preference for the ratio.
  7. I do not use PowerPoint. Should I transfer my presentation to PowerPoint, or can I present from a pdf-file? You can limit yourself to submitting a pdf-version of your presentation.
  8. I did not register for the social dinner (Thursday 25 May 19:00) or the post-conference excursion (Saturday 27 May), but I would like to attend, is that possible? Please mail info@efuf.org to see what is still possible.
  9. I did register for one of the social events (Icebreaker, Social Dinner,  Concluding snack, post-conference excursion), but I’m any longer able to attend? Please inform us as soon as possible mail info@efuf.org). If we can replace your reservation with a last-minute request, we will refund the social dinner or post-conference fee.
  10. Will there be internet access? We will provide you with the access details to the local wireless network in the venue.
  11. Will there be a luggage office or cloakroom? No, there is an unguarded coat rack in the basement of the venue. You can take left luggage with you in the seminar rooms.
  12. How should I dress for the excursions? The walking distances are quite long, so you better wear comfortable shoes and weatherproof shoes (walking shoes or similar). The terrain is not to heavy, we will walk on gravel and sand paths/forest roads. Bring a raincoat or umbrella in case of rain.
  13. How should I dress for the social dinner? The event is rather informal, so is also the dress code.
  14. How should I dress for my presentation? Content is more important than outfit. EFUF is rather informal event, we do not expect people to wear ties, tailored suits or similar, but you are free to do so off course.
  15. Will there be a changing room in the venue? No, but you can use the toilets if you want to change.