Urban Tree Equity: Green Streets and Green Jobs (Webinar 9 Feb 19:00 – 21:30 CET)

Urban Tree Equity: Green Streets and Green Jobs (Webinar 9 Feb 19:00 – 21:30 CET)

During the webinar, you’ll hear from the US Forest Service Resident Social Scientist in LA, Dr. Francisco Escobedo, get an update from LA’s Urban Forest Equity Visiting Scholar, Dr. Vivek Shandas, a presentation on StreetsLA’s racial equity plan, and a green jobs panel featuring Starr, Lesley, Robert, Ana, and Diego from North East Trees, KYCC, LACC, moderated by Deputy Mayor of Economic Opportunity and Chief Equity Officer of LA, Dr. Brenda Shockley. You can check out the full agenda here, and you can RSVP here:

English Session RSVP Link for Tuesday, 9 February from 10 am – 12:30 pm (US Pacific Times)

Spanish Session RSVP Link forWednesday, 10 February from 10 am – 12:30 pm  (US Pacific Times)

Urban Tree Equity: Green Streets and Green Jobs (Webinar 9 Feb 19:00 – 21:30 CET)

Webinar 17Sep2020. Role of Urban Forests in improving Community Resilience and Reducing the Harmful Impact of COVID-19

There is increasing recognition of the important contribution of trees, parks, gardens, and other natural settings to public health and community welfare. By improving air quality, promoting physical activity, reducing mental stress and enhancing the immune system, trees and green space have the potential to help address problems ‘upstream’, through prevention – a more efficient approach than simply dealing with the ‘downstream’ consequences of ill health.
In this event we will discuss the role that urban forests and trees can play in improving health outcomes, reduce the harmful impact of the current COVID19 pandemic, and make urban dwellers more resilient and better prepared for future events of this nature.

Keynote speaker: Prof Pedro Calaza (Dean of the College of Agriculture Engineers, Galicia, Spain)

Panel speakers: Prof Dr Anna Jorgensen (University of Sheffield), Dr Danijela Puric-Mladenovic (University of Toronto), Prof Dr Giuseppe Carrus (Universita Roma Tre), Dr Ben Wheeler (University of Exeter)

Date & Time: 17 September, 14:00 – 15:30 CEST

Register here

Graphics by Miroslava Chrienova via Pixabay


Urban Tree Equity: Green Streets and Green Jobs (Webinar 9 Feb 19:00 – 21:30 CET)

Webinar – Launch All Our Trees


The European Forum on Urban Forestry would have convened in Manchester within 2 weeks. A small virus decided otherwise. But to get a flavour of the great work people at the City of Trees are doing, you can join the Launching Webinar of the Greater Manchester’s Tree and Woodland Strategy. This document will collectively guide the involved actors to improve the way in which they plant and manage trees and direct them to where new tree planting will provide the most benefits for generations to come.


November 2019 UF Webinar Offering

November 2019 UF Webinar Offering

Title:  Health Benefits of City Trees: Research Evidence & Economic Values

Date & Time:  Tuesday, 19 November, 7:00PM BST, 8:00PM CEST, 9:00PM EEST.

Dear Colleagues:

An ever-growing, international body of research points to many human health and wellness benefits that result from nearby nature experiences. But what about trees? Two recent reviews have explored, first, the studies that focus on the urban forest and health response, and second, on the economics of human health effects. In this webinar, co-sponsored by Utah State University Forestry Extension and the Tree Fund, Dr. Kathleen Wolf will share the highlights of both reviews.

View Dr. Wolf’s research focused on human dimensions of urban forestry and urban ecosystems at www.naturewithin.info; and the Green Cities: Good Health project at: www.greenhealth.washington.edu

Presented by: Dr Kathleen Wolf, Research Social Scientist, College of the Environment , University of Washington  – Seattle.

Where:  PRE-REGISTRATION is required for this session in order to provide the most streamlined user experience.  TO REGISTER, PLEASE VISIT https://extension.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_TMumkji3S9-t5Jih7FJUSw


August 2019 Urban Forestry Webinar Schedule

August 2019 Urban Forestry Webinar Schedule

                                           August 2019 UF Webinar

Title:  Quantifying Rainfall Interception in the Urban Canopy

Date & Time:  Wednesday, 14 August, 6:00PM BST, 7:00PM CEST, 8:00PM EEST. 

Urban stormwater is a major contributor to surface water degradation, prompting cities to invest in green infrastructure – methods that naturally capture, store, and slowly release runoff, such as urban trees. 

While rainfall interception for full canopy environments is well studied, limited research is available that characterizes the interception of open-grown trees, which are commonly found in urban areas. 

Join Jon Hathaway as he shares preliminary results from his research that studies the effect of rainfall event duration, intensity and seasonal variations on the interception potential of urban trees in Knoxville Tennessee.

Presenter: Jon Hathaway, University of Tennessee, USDA Forest Service National Urban Forest Technology & Science Delivery Team

Connect to the webinar via the following link 15 minutes before start of Webinar:

Go to:  https://usfs.adobeconnect.com/ucf/

The Nature of Cities Summit Paris 2019 (4-7June 2019)

The Nature of Cities Summit Paris 2019 (4-7June 2019)

The Nature of Cities TNOC Summit will take place in Paris during 4-7 June 2019. Seed and skill sessions, paired dialogues, workshops and field trips are on the agenda of this international platform for transdisciplinary dialogue on urban solutions. The topics include inter-alia urban greening, ecosystem services provided by urban trees, smarter trees, green justice, participation and nature-based solutions.

TNOC Summit is all about sparking conversations for knowledge exchange and collaborative networking. It aims to build a movement for green cites where resilience, sustainability, health, livability, and environmental justice are addressed. As such, TNOC Summit provides an arena where different professionals like leaders, practitioners, policy makers and academics interact and work towards common grounds. 

If you are interested in getting involved in the latest discussions about solutions to urban challenges, make sure to stay tuned and register for the event!  

Early bird registrations open until 8 April 

Proposals for short talks and posters open until 15 April