From March to May 2021, the European Forum on Urban Forestry is organising a comprehensive programme with exciting speaker line-ups. Friday mornings, from April to May 2021, held a special surprise – EFUF2021 invited all tree lovers to start off their Friday mornings with an early bird get-together to listen to urban forestry stories told by a range of inspiring speakers. Click here to have a closer look at whom joined in.

All insights are made available as podcasts as well, which you can access easily through the myEFUF app. The free app is available for download from the App Store or Google Play and ready to guide urban forestry enthusiasts through a wide range of online events.

Do you want to listen in about environmental education, environmental campaigning, turning one's passions into reality and unique career paths in urban forestry? You can now also listen to the #EFUF2021 Friday Morning live Guest Room insights on Spotify - follow the myEFUF Urban Forestry Playlist here. How about tuning in while walking through your favourite nearby park or forest?

Kicking off the Friday Morning Live guest Rooms on April 9, Dr Urša Vilhar, research fellow at the Forest Ecology Department of the Slovenian Forestry Institute shed light on the importance of getting children and teenagers into the forests and emphasised the benefits of teaching and learning in nature. Dr Vilhar talked about experiences and results from the LIFE+ EMoNFUr project, which monitored urban forests in Milan and Ljubljana during a 3-year period. She further presented different activities and online resources that support learning activities in nature, looking at children and teenagers as opinion shapers and future decision-makers.

Many miraculous things happen in the big forest. So, walk slowly, listen up and keep your eyes wide open.

BigForest mobile app, developed in the frame of LIFEGENMON project

Dr Urša Vilhar

From teaching materials for teachers and educators, workshops for kindergartens and schools, open days for the general public, special events for families to children’s books and cartoons, online learning resources and outdoor activities designed for children with special education needs in the frame of Erasmus + project Green Learning Environments, Forest planetarium in the frame of the Interreg Danube project URBforDAN – Dr Vilhar showed that there are countless ways to engage children and adults with nature. Do you want to learn more?

We invite you to mark your calendar for the upcoming URBforDAN event to get to know solutions ready for transfer to your city - click here for more information and registration.

The Handbook for Learning and Play in the Forest

This resource is part of the Forest of Experiments collection of the Slovenian Forestry Institute and aims to connect activities with learning experiences through playing in nature. Designed for curious forest enthusiasts of all ages and those willing to gain more knowledge and experience about the manifold processes going on in forests, the handbook follows four main themes: Trees, forest animals, water and genetic diversity. A range of fun activities offer unique opportunities to dive into the forest with all senses and to adapt the learning process to the participants’ individual needs, following the principle of “flow learning”, which takes into account excitement of enthusiasm, focus of attention, direct experience and sharing of inspiration. Read more about the book here or download the PDF version.

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Photo Credits: Maja Bovcon