The European Forum on Urban Forestry (EFUF) celebrates its 20th anniversary in the metropolis of Barcelona. The congress is open to researchers and professionals from Europe who are interested in reflecting on the urban forest fringe areas as spaces of opportunities that can be connected with and contribute to the territory. Twenty-first century cities have transformed their way of thinking: they have abandoned the idea of a central city with peripheral areas to now view the metropolis as a territorial mosaic of spaces, corridors and flows; a biophysical matrix where green infrastructure structures the territory to the detriment of the role of large transport infrastructure, and where spaces at the edge, on the limit, stop being administrative lines and begin to be seen as strategic spaces for ecology, leisure and production.

Under the title: “Urban Forest Boundaries. Within, between and beyond the city” we raise the importance of urban and peri-urban forests in building a sustainable and healthy landscape. We address issues such as ecological connectivity, compatibility of ecosystem services, biodiversity and disturbances, and the social aspects of forest management and planning those fringe areas in collaboration with the new culture of leisure. For all the above, we invite you to participate in our Congress, so that together we can address the latent problems in the contact and interaction between two realities destined to coexist: the city and open spaces.

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